This Is How Google Wants to ‘Humanize’ Artificial Intelligence

Google’s plans a big research project aimed at making artificial intelligence more useful.The search giant debuted an initiative on Monday that brings together various Google researchers to study how people interact with software powered by AI technologies like machine learning. Companies like Facebook (fb) and Google (goog) have been using AI to improve tasks like quickly translating languages and recognizing objects in pictures. But the technology has the potential to be able to do more. The problem for companies like Google is to figure out more uses for AI beyond simply improving existing products and create entirely new products based on AI. Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s technology newsletter. One way Google hopes the project, called PAIR (short for People plus AI Research), will lead to more compelling uses of AI is to “focus on the ‘human side,’” Google researchers Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viégas wrote in a blog post. They want to figure out how and where to best use it from a human standpoint—and not just simply create AI-powered software for its own sake. “We don’t have all the answers—that’s what makes this interesting research—but we have some ideas about where to look,” the two researchers wrote. Some of…

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