This is what music written by AI sounds like

Five days from now Google will publish open-source tools that will focus its machine-learning engine on music and art. But one London startup, named Jukedeck, has been working on getting machines to automatically generate original music for years. You can even generate your own ditty, composed by artificial intelligence, right now on Jukedeck’s website. Jukedeck lets anyone use its machine-learning engine to generate tunes hosted on its website. Users can customize the music to a certain degree by specifying the genre (folk or rock, for example), length, mood (uplifting or melancholic?), and tempo. The engine then produces an original piece of music. “Generative music has been worked on for 50 years. You have this whole chain of [work]” says Ed Rex, Jukedeck’s founder. “We’re the latest link in that chain.…

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