Three Developments

Three tech-related headlines caught my eye this week. Google is behind Amazon and Microsoft in cloud computing.  Yahoo is selling its core business to Verizon.  Russia figured in the Democratic National Committee hack … with a possible implication of a Russia connection to WikiLeaks.  New York Times’ Quentin Hardy’s article about Google had a twist in it.  Forever innovative, Google is roaring into the game with “machine intelligence” designed to cut costs by a significant margin (15% was mentioned) through which the company can begin to undercut its competitors.  Machine intelligence’s doppelganger is artificial intelligence.  Could our tech readers help me to understand the distinctions between an algorithm and AI?  Where does one stop, the algorithm, and the other, AI, begin?  I ask out of genuine curiosity but with a policy undercurrent.  Long a supporter of algorithm transparency, at least for the purposes of minimal regulatory oversight, I can only imagine how out of whack regulation will…

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