Tom Brady courtroom sketch gets even weirder with Google’s DeepDream

Tom Brady’s court appearance in a legal fight over his “Deflategate” suspension generated an unexpected sideshow Wednesday when sketches from the courtroom artist rendered the Patriots quarterback’s famous face almost unrecognizable.

But what would artificial intelligence make of the art? Luckily, it’s easy to find out with DeepDream, a Google-spawned software project that can find patterns in images.

We took the sketch, by artist Jane Rosenberg, and ran it through Dream Deeply, one of the websites that have taken the code from Google’s experiment and unleashed it on the world.

DeepDream is the fun result of tests on neural network software, which attempts to mimic the way natural nervous systems process information.

The software can be used to identify the elements in a photograph — differentiate between humans, animals, and buildings, for example. Fine-tuning the software’s identification powers, Google researchers noted in a June blog post, involves feeding the network “millions of training examples and gradually adjusting the network parameters until it gives the classifications we want.”

The really weird stuff happens when you flip the process upside down, showing random images to neural network software that has been trained to look for certain patterns. When it can’t find any obvious interpretations, the software tends to bend the image into an altered reality that can draw some strange, even nightmarish conclusions.

As Google’s researchers wrote, “even a relatively simple neural network can be used to over-interpret an image, just like as children we enjoyed watching clouds and interpreting the random shapes. This network was trained mostly on images of animals, so naturally it tends to interpret shapes as animals. But because the data is stored at such a high abstraction, the results are an interesting remix of these learned features.”

Interesting is one way to put it.

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Brady SketchJane Rosenberg/Reuters

Source: Tom Brady courtroom sketch gets even weirder with Google’s DeepDream

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