Top 5 Software Suites That Need Employee Reskilling

By Gaurav Vohra, CEO & Co-founder, Jigsaw Academy The science of identifying, gathering, and analysing data—as well as the technologies used to perform these different functions—is predicated on the type of data available and their characteristics. Volume is one defining characteristic, as evidenced by the expansion of data measurement units (kilobytes giving way to megabytes, megabytes to gigabytes, and gigabytes to petabytes.) Data has also become extraordinarily varied in terms of output, point of origin, and use-value/applicability (from diagnosing and treating medical conditions to business intelligence.) Given such seismic shifts in the production and circulation of information in the digital realm, it is no surprise that reskilling is now part-and-parcel of a career in data science. Unlike upskilling, which involves strengthening or upgrading existing skillsets, reskilling refers to the process…

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