Training Driverless Cars to “See”

Side-by-side, the images only resemble one another in terms of geometrics. In the left photograph, a lone rural road stretches out, edged by fields of grass. A stop sign stands on the road’s right side and a utility pole with electrical wires is center. The right image is a splash of colors, the road represented by purple, the road markings in orange, the stop sign in pink. Each of the 12 colors represents a category of object one might encounter on the road.  One day, this may be how driverless cars see. “Vision is our most powerful sense and driverless cars will also need to see,” said Prof. Robert Cipolla, of the Univ. of Cambridge. “But teaching a machine to see is far more difficult than it sounds.”…

Link to Full Article: Training Driverless Cars to “See”

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