TSYS’ Fraud Prevention Gets Smarter With New Partnership

Today (May 19), TSYS announced that it is partnering with behavioral analytics firm Featurespace to provide its clients with machine-learning, real-time fraud detection and prevention capabilities. Karen Webster connected with Andrew Mathieson, Group Executive of Product Strategies at TSYS, prior to the announcement, for a discussion in which Mathieson shared his perspective on what drove the collaboration with Featurespace, the details of the expanded fraud-combating system and the ongoing battle therein. “If you look at the processing space holistically,” says Mathieson, “with all of the innovations that have been made, more and more activities across the entire cardholder life cycle are coming with the expectation for things to be instantaneous. That’s going to put pressure on our clients to be positioned to make the best-informed decision in essentially less than…

Link to Full Article: TSYS’ Fraud Prevention Gets Smarter With New Partnership

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