Uber self-driving Volvos use Nvidia Tegra

Incredibly important win Back in January,  Nvidia  revealed that it had a two Parker SoCs on a board that it calls Drive PX 2 and that the Volvo XC90 will be the first car to use it. A few days back, Uber revealed that customers in down town Pittsburg will be able to use Volvo XC90 cars for their Uber rides.  The important thing to mention is that Nvidia technology is inside as the Volvo XC90 is using DRIVE PX 2 as the heart of the self-driving vehicle. Tesla which was seen as a leader in the self-driving arena was using Mobileye and it plans to end this relationship as soon as it can, due to a death. Most cars today including expensive BMWs which have the highway autopilot feature use…

Link to Full Article: Uber self-driving Volvos use Nvidia Tegra

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