UC Grad Beats Air Force In Simulated Sparring Match

Using the processing power of a $35 tiny computer, a University of Cincinnati doctoral graduate’s artificial intelligence (AI) program has beaten the Air Force in simulated aerial combat at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. To do it Nick Ernest used something called a genetic fuzzy tree that ran on a 35 dollar computer. He’s assures people that it’s not the next terminator. “We’re not talking about some actual intelligent being that has thoughts and desires to fly airplanes in the simulator. It’s just a very high-tech controller for a very specific problem.” The details are somewhat secretive, but earlier this year Ernest’s artificial intelligence system, named ALPHA, went head to head with Colonel Gene Lee, who has trained thousands of Air Force pilots. Lee is not used to losing. But,…

Link to Full Article: UC Grad Beats Air Force In Simulated Sparring Match

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