UCSD Will Co-Lead Data Innovation Center

UCSD, UC Berkeley and University of Washington will collaboratively lead the western sector of the National Science Foundation’s four Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs. NSF stated in its Nov. 2 announcement that the hubs together will form a “big data brain trust” that works to address problems across the region. The priorities of the BD Hubs include developing technology for data-driven discovery and managing natural resources. This program, which NSF will grant a total of more than $5 million, will also focus on the fields of agriculture, education, medicine, energy, manufacturing and finance.  The BD Hubs aims to train the next generation of data science experts while  serving as sites where scholars can put their research into practice.  The West BD Hub’s Executive Director Meredith Lee described how the program…

Link to Full Article: UCSD Will Co-Lead Data Innovation Center

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