UK Insurance Firm Kennedys Signs Indian Legal AI Dev Partnership

UK-based insurance law firm Kennedys has announced today an exclusive partnership in India with Cognitive Computing Services, based in Kerala. The joint venture will be primarily focused on developing applications for the law firm and helping in areas such as rapid prototyping, text analytics, machine learning and blockchain technologies.CEO, Tony Joseph Cognitive Computing Services, is headed by CEO, Tony Joseph, (with team pictured above, fifth from right), who has more than 15 years’ experience in technology businesses and will be working closely with Kennedys’ recently appointed Head of Research and Development, Karim Derrick. The move will no doubt help Kennedys to move more quickly in terms of developing and testing new applications, and presumably at an economical price. Building a large team of machine learning developers in central London is of course possible, but, naturally also expensive. Even with revenues of around £150m for the last financial year, building a legal AI/machine learning team that can help build quality applications for client use remains a significant investment, it therefore appears to be a sensible way of balancing the need to adopt AI, build one’s own proprietary applications, but not need to invest a large percentage of revenues in R&D. The insurance sector, both…

Link to Full Article: UK Insurance Firm Kennedys Signs Indian Legal AI Dev Partnership

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