US Military Works On Developing AI Weapons

George Bustilloz prepares for a presentation of the iRobot Warrior X700 during a demonstration of ‘life saving military robots’ in Washington, DC.(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) Human-robot strike teams, autonomous land mines, and covert swarms of minuscule robotic spies: the US Department of Defense’s idea of the future of war seems like a sci-fi movie. Advertisement U.S. Military’s AI Weapons According to Engadget, it took a while for the U.S. military to perfect its defense strategies against cyberattacks and it seems that when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), U.S. military faces a similar deficit. Other countries, especially U.S. rivals such as China and Russia, implement less restrictive policies that deal with killer robots and other lethal AI autonomous weapons. This is one of the reasons U.S. cannot afford to…

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