Use of Artificial Intelligence to Locate Standard Echo Heart Views

Medical image analysis based on artificial intelligence (AI) employ convolutional neural networks, support vector machines, fuzzy logic systems and other machine learning methods to extract meaning from medical images. State-of-the-art computer vision software gives evidence-based tips to diagnosticians, dispels their possible doubts and ensures diagnostic consistency.Standard view location is a crucial step in echocardiography, as these frames contain essential diagnostic data. Automatic capturing of standard planes from an ultrasound examination can speed up scanning and make it more accurate. A close look at the research in this area will prove this is not a speculation. Computer-aided detection of standard views constantly supports clinicians. How Computers See Images Medical image analysis is a practical application of computer vision – a branch of computer science dealing with object and feature recognition in digital images, including digital video frames. Computer vision algorithms analyze images through a range of processes, similar to those performed by the human visual system. After initial preprocessing, which includes de-noising, filtering and feature enhancement, software breaks an image down into meaningful regions in a process called image segmentation. Then the algorithm extracts important features and classifies objects in the image based on these features. Besides, medical image analysis algorithms…

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