Using AI to Create News Stories, May Impact Legal PR/Journalism

Google’s move last week to fund a natural language generation (NLG) news project to help automate the creation of stories has a wider relevance that may one day touch the legal world, including legal PR and marketing teams, as well as legal journalists around the world.While Artificial Lawyer has tended to focus on the use of legal AI in strategic areas, the reality is that AI tech will spread into everything in the legal world and across all parts of a law firm, including the writing of stories and press releases. When this happens it will impact legal media and PR/marketing teams. The question is when it filters through. A new project by Google and the PA (the Press Association) certainly promises to move things forward at a rapid pace. The Google project is focused on local and mainstream news, rather than the legal sector, but the core principles about tapping automation still apply to the legal sector’s media professionals. In this case, PA, the national news agency for the UK and Ireland, and Urbs Media, a start-up specialising in data-driven news, have received a grant worth €706,000 from Google to fund a new service which will create a stream of stories for hundreds of media outlets…

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