Using AI to spot malware patterns

Protecting an organization’s data, people and applications has never been more critical or more difficult.  The number of entry points and connected endpoints has skyrocketed and the bad guys keep getting smarter.  Clearly, something has to change.  One of the more innovative security start ups is Cylance, which is using artificial intelligence (AI) to change the security game.  CSO recently interviewed Cylance founder and chief scientist Ryan Permeh to understand better how AI can impact security.  You came from McAfee and Cylance is disrupting the legacy antivirus (AV) model.  What were the challenges you saw at your previous company and what motivated you to start Cylance? Cylance Ryan Permeh, chief scientist at Cylance AV was a great technology decades ago, but the threat actors have evolved and now it doesn’t catch enough.  Today there are more threats coming in from more places and AV solutions miss many things.  The technology is built to be reactive in nature, as it could only catch things that were known.  The way to break AV is to up the number and variety of viruses and the systems would fall exponentially further behind because the bad guys have a much lower cost of operations than…

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