Using cognitive neuroscience to maximise learning

Using cognitive neuroscience to maximise learning can help us understand memory structures and decision-making systems, and create experiences with a long-lasting effect. Dr Drior, an expert in cognitive neuroscience from Harvard University and currently working at University College London (UCL) and Cognitive Consultants International (CCI-HQ), addressed an audience during a morning seminar at the CIPD Learning and Development Show 2016. More News He explained how analysing skills, judgement and decision of humans can improve performance​. “Start with the brain. Understand how the brain processes information. It doesn’t matter what you want them [learners] to do, it matters what the brain does. Just because you or they want to do it, doesn’t mean that the brain will let them.” Dr Drior used the Stroop Effect excitement with the audience to highlight the above and about cognitive effort to achieve something. He said: “Brain…

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