UW lab creates computer programs to self-teach

Tucked away on the fourth floor of the University of Wyoming Engineering Building, students are working toward the future — artificial intelligence. Jeff Clune came to UW in 2013 with a plan to create a new lab specific to advancing computer intelligence. The assistant professor of computer science quickly created the Evolving Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, which has produced various world-renowned research and ideas. “One of things we’ve done a lot of work on in my lab, where we’re one of the labs on the forefront, is trying to understand how networks operate internally,” he said. “Once a network has learned to do something, like classify deer and giraffes, you can try and understand how it’s doing that. We call it ‘AI neuroscience,’ because it’s actually very similar to what neuroscientists…

Link to Full Article: UW lab creates computer programs to self-teach

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