VASD Program Presents: Dr. Tor Wager + Shawn Preston

DR. TOR WAGERSeeing and Feeling as Conceptual ActsThursday, October 6, 2016 at 6 p.m.Tickets Join us for the first event of the VASD Program’s Senses Series where we’ll explore emotions as a mental construction and the skillful deception of magic. Magician Shawn Preston will present a short stage show preceding neuroscientist Tor Wager’s lecture titled Seeing and Feeling as Conceptual Acts. Modern neuroscience suggests that sensory perception, memory, and emotion have one important thing in common: they are “conceptual acts”—creations made from a mix of experiences, thoughts, and beliefs. Wager will present a picture, grounded in neuroscientific evidence, of how and why this constructive process occurs and how its influence relates to illusion, creativity, and art. An audience Q+A session with Wager and magician Shawn Preston will follow the lecture.…

Link to Full Article: VASD Program Presents: Dr. Tor Wager + Shawn Preston

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