Vatican looks at ethics of artificial intelligence

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi cited Apple founder Steve Jobs, saying that technology must be welded to humanism, at a recent Rome conference on ethics and artificial intelligence (AI). He was responding to Daniele Mancini, the Italian ambassador to the Holy See, who had opened the discussion by comparing humans, faced by a tsunami of technology, to a surfer in precarious balance on a surfboard. Ravasi, head of the Pontifical Council for Culture, and Mancini together organized the conference as a lecture in the Vatican’s Courtyard of the Gentiles series, which brings Catholic and non-Catholic leaders together to discuss issues affecting both the Church and the modern world. The Pontifical Council organizes discussions, and this time it was in the Borromeo Palace, which in the 16th century was built as an out-of-town residence for Pope Pius IV and since 1929 has been the Italian Embassy to the Holy See. The setting was historic, but the focus was on the future, which seems glorious to some but to others causes confusion and even fright. It is a future increasingly molded by AI, although the debates that AI will cause have already begun to creep into the present. The European Parliament is discussing laws…

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