Verisk Comes To CDS

Last Friday, Nabeel Azar from Verisk Analytics introduced our CDS students to their new Data Science Excellence Program. Verisk is a leading data analytics provider serving clients in insurance, natural resources, financial services, government, and risk management. A major reason why Verisk is a top player in the data science industry today is due to its massive data repository. Verisk’s data repository operates as a consortium: several companies share their depersonalized data with Verisk to form a large data pool. For example, Argos, their financial services offshoot company, has over 19 billion depersonalized credit and debit card records provided by several major banks across the world. Companies generally have data about their own performance, but Verisk’s unbeatable data assets mean that its data scientists can analyze how their client companies measure…

Link to Full Article: Verisk Comes To CDS

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