Video: Nvidia Unveils ARM-Powered SoC with Volta GPU

In this video, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang keynotes GTC Europe. The talk begins at the 2:35 minute mark. Today at GTC Europe, Nvidia unveiled Xavier, an all-new SoC based on the company’s next-gen Volta GPU, which will be the processor in future self-driving cars. According to Huang, the ARM-based Xavier will feature unprecedented performance and energy efficiency, while supporting deep-learning features important to the automotive market. A single Xavier-based AI car supercomputer will be able to replace today’s fully configured DRIVE PX 2 with two Parker SoCs and two Pascal GPUs. “This is the greatest SoC endeavor I have ever known, and we have been building chips for a very long time,” Huang said. “Just imagine what an autonomous vehicle can do in the near future with Xavier.” Related news:…

Link to Full Article: Video: Nvidia Unveils ARM-Powered SoC with Volta GPU

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