Videos can bare the truth and mask the lie

FAKE NEWS MORE CONVINCING THAN EVER BEFORE The ominous presence of fake news is no longer just in what you read, but could soon be in what you watch as well. Imagine faked video footage of a close relative saying he has been kidnapped, or, in the worst-case scenario, a world leader talking about starting a nuclear war. A recent Guardian report highlighted a slew of cutting-edge video and audio manipulation tools that could very well be the next stage in propagating false information. The simpler part of this process lies in the audio, which can be easily duplicated. Montreal-based artificial intelligence firm Lyrebird, for instance, said it can mimic a person’s voice with just a minute of actual recording. Get The Straits Timesnewsletters in your inbox On its website, it has an audio file of American politicians Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump extolling the wonders of the software. Of course, none of these is actually an authentic testimonial. In a recent press release, Lyrebird said the manipulated voices can also convey emotions such as anger, sympathy and stress by tweaking the intonations using artificial intelligence. A screenshot showing Iranian TV host Azadeh Namdari holidaying in Switzerland. Netizens…

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