Walmart Data Science Challenge

Hackers. Creators. Innovators. Through the innovative fusion of breakthroughs in web and mobile apps, social shopping, and search & personalization, Walmart eCommerce is building the next generation of e-commerce. Whether it’s,, VUDU, or @WalmartLabs (our innovation hub), engineers, big data geeks, and many more, work in tandem to deliver billions of incredible customer innovations. Engineering Mavericks Software Engineering teams at @WalmartLabs develop high performance web sites, mobile apps and tools, including flexible widgets, SDKs and APIs. We solve challenging problems, while creating and experimenting with new tools. We leverage open source and hybrid cloud technologies, enabling sophisticated automation and workflows, as well as cutting edge models and algorithms, extracting and transforming big data. Data Science Geeks @WalmartLabs employs cutting edge machine learning, data mining, and predictive analytics. Smart…

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