Want to cook that tasty dish? Get the full recipe with just a photo

Have you ever scrolled through social media and stumbled upon a picture of a meal that looks absolutely delicious? These mouth-watering photos might inspire you to get busy in the kitchen. But with only a picture to go on, how can you recreate that appetizing dish? The Shazam app can identify a song and the Blippar app can identify objects. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that could identify food and then give you the recipe? Researchers at MIT created an artificial intelligence program that does just that. They used content from AllRecipes.com and Food.com to create a database of recipes and photos called Recipe1M. Then they trained the AI to identify recipes based on photos in the database. The result is called Pic2Recipe. Once the site is functional, you’ll be able to upload a picture from your device and the AI will run a search. Once it finds something in the database that it believes matches your picture, the site will provide a list of ingredients and instructions. The program is still in the beginning stages so it doesn’t work that well yet. It has a 65 percent accuracy rate for identifying recipes based on a photo.…

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