Watch Room is a short film about three scientists who believe they’re creating an AI within the safety of virtual reality– until their creation learns it’s at risk of being shut down. It’s a sci-fi thriller with roots in AI and VR – in a sense, think Ex Machina meets Primer.

Watch Room speaks to the promise and perils of AI, in a way that respects its audience and the complexities of the field. The film also explores the intersection of AI and VR, with an eye towards the future as we begin to interact with AI in virtual environments.

With Watch Room, our goal is to contribute to the budding conversation around the promise and perils of Artificial Intelligence research, in a way that respects the complexities involved. As such, we’ve done our best to create a story that touches on everything from simulation theory, to brain emulation, to Roko’s Basilisk… to that most hallowed of science fiction questions: “What makes us human?”

Another goal of ours is to illustrate the possibilities within the realm of virtual reality.

Of course, Watch Room‘s scientific roots drink deeply from rich dramatic soil. On one level, we’re just plain old excited to make a film that’s a joy to watch: smart and twisting in a way that respects the audience and keeps you guessing right up to the end. It’s the film’s narrative merits that will help it break into the mainstream, joining a growing roster of conscientious sci-fi that treats A.I. as seriously as it deserves.

In short, our mission is one of education as well as entertainment. We need your help in bringing this story and its urgent scientific and ethical message to the world. Many thanks for your consideration!

Soon, humans and AI will be indiscernible, especially in VR. Excited to see @WatchRoomMovie come to life. Donate!

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