Waters Rankings 2017: Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Provider—AlphaSense

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are slowly seeping into the capital markets, though not as quickly as many vendors would have you believe. Even still, these offerings will become ubiquitous and as such, this year we decided to add this category to honor the vendor making the greatest strides in this realm. And the winner of the inaugural best AI technology provider category is AlphaSense.  AlphaSense offers a financial search engine that helps analysts and portfolio managers to find information that’s buried in dense text documents, from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings (including footnotes) to broker research reports, pieces of news and conference transcripts.  One of the key aspects of AlphaSense’s offering—which the San Francisco-based firm describes as “the Google for company research”—is its ability to take a sea of data and narrow it down to specifically what users are looking for, and also alert them to key words that they might not have considered. The vendor has its own financial-world-specific dictionary and thesaurus to help direct portfolio managers and traders toward information that they might have otherwise missed. One portfolio manager told Waters that the platform has cut his search times down on an individual company from four or five…

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