We Look At The Difference Between ‘Human’ and ‘Artificial’ Intelligence

We take a look into what makes Artificial intelligence and what separates Humans from the zeros and ones. A Step Into The Future Within the space of our lifetime, humanity could witness the cure to all diseases, the end of wars and the finals days of poverty. However, the script may change and the final scene is a futuristic battle between humans and our mechanical creations… This maybe the case when ‘Artificial Intelligence’ overtakes all human control and capacity. Which, in turn will open the door to some issues that humanity has never encountered or thought to be a problem. Now, it may sound far fetched that humans could (in the not so far future) be exchanging punches with a robot. But a few punches would be a walk in the park…

Link to Full Article: We Look At The Difference Between ‘Human’ and ‘Artificial’ Intelligence

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