Weekend Listen – AI’s dark side, ditch Uber

#TalkingTech panel: Jefferson Graham, Greg Plageman, Bryce Clemmer, Aubrey Cattell and Jonathan Nolan.(Photo: Jefferson Graham) LOS ANGELES – This week we dived into everything from the potential dark side of artificial intelligence, to making sense of Twitter’s soon-to-change 140 character limits on the #TalkingTech podcast. I ranted about Uber’s ever-increasing surge pricing, and offered recommendations on how to deal with them, and talked to folks from Dell Computer about how Sony used 40 of their super-PCs to animate scenes in the new Angry Birds movie. These powerful machines could render a 30 second scene in an hour that would take 18 years on a standard computer, Dell insisted. Mobile listeners can get a quick hit on all the week’s shows by following this Clammr link: http://www.clammr.com/widget?channelId=35975 For our longform fans, our…

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