Weekly Advocacy News Roundup December 18, 2015

News Congress Ready to Give NIH its Biggest Increase in 12 Years December 16, 2015 | Stat News NIH will get a $2 billion funding increase (including a bump to the BRAIN Initiative) in the federal spending bill that passed the House and the Senate on Friday.  This is the largest increase to the NIH budget since 2003.  The extra money is included in a massive omnibus spending bill that will keep the federal agencies running through the rest of the fiscal year, and also includes a 1.6 percent increase to NSF.  Join the advocacy network to stay informed and take action on issues related to neuroscience research at SfN.org. NIH Releases First Agency-Wide Strategic Plan in 2 Decades December 16, 2015 | Science Magazine This week, NIH released its…

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