What are the Causes of Developmental Dyscalculia?

Developmental Dyscalculia is a maths learning disorder that affects roughly 3-6% of the population. To learn more about the basics of what it is, see our previous article What is Dyscalculia: Why Some Kids Struggle with Maths While Doing Well at Other Subjects. In this article we are going to discuss its potential causes. What Is the Specific Brain Impairment that Causes Developmental Dyscalculia? The short answer is that we are not sure yet. There could be one core deficit in the brain that underlies Developmental Dyscalculia or there could be several. Perhaps the most predominant theory in the neuroscientific literature is that dyscalculia results from impairment of the Approximate Number System (ANS; Piazza et al., 2010). The ANS equips humans with the capacity to quickly and instinctively understand, estimate and…

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