What LSD tells us about human nature

‘The patterns of branches, the smell of the eucalyptus, the hubbub of other people, barking dogs, twittering birds, blended and disintegrated at the same time.’ Golden Gate park, San Francisco, with a little help from DeepDream. Photograph: WolfmanSF/CC BY-SA 3.0 I was in San Francisco last week, visiting my brother and revisiting the years we spent there as young men. We walked through Golden Gate park, two guys in their sixties, admiring the giant sequoias, exotic gardens, and gold-green pastures cascading westward to the ocean. And we reminisced about our epic acid trip back in 1969, in that very place, when we were primed for adventure and self-discovery. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to soothe existential discomfort with heroin or amphetamine. But psychedelics have a value There were four of us.…

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