What to Expect From FireEye’s Q2 Results

FireEye (NASDAQ: FEYE) received a tremendous boost back in May after the company released better-than-expected results and followed that up with a strong guidance. Not surprisingly, investors in the cybersecurity specialist are pleased this year as they are currently sitting on gains of over 33%. The company is set to release its second-quarter results after the market closes on Aug. 1. Will FireEye’s rally continue? Image Source: Getty Images The bottom line will get better Wall Street doesn’t expect any growth in FireEye’s revenue, forecasting $176.4 million for the second quarter. However, investors should note that analysts have been forced to bump up their estimates — as they were originally expecting  $172.7 million in revenue — thanks to FireEye’s top line guidance of $173 million to $179 million. The biggest improvement is anticipated in the bottom line. FireEye’s adjusted loss is expected to drop to $0.12 per share during the second quarter as compared to the year-ago loss of $0.33 per share. This anticipated improvement in the bottom line can be attributed to the growing contribution of subscription and services revenue to FireEye’s overall business. For instance, FireEye’s subscription and support revenues was up almost  12% year over year during the last…

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