When Watson Comes For Your Job, Give It To Him

It has begun. A week ago, the venerable law firm BakerHostetler announced a new hire, Ross. Ross is joining the bankruptcy department of the 100-year-old firm. Despite being new to practicing law — BakerHostetler is Ross’ first job — Ross brings a myriad of skills to the role. In addition to reading and understanding language, Ross can also “postulate hypotheses when asked questions, research, and then generate responses (along with references and citations) to back up its conclusions.”You’ve guessed it: Ross is the world’s first artificially intelligent “lawyer,” based on IBM’s Watson. High-profile AI flops like Microsoft’s Tay and Facebook’s glitchy chatbots may have created the impression that artificial intelligence isn’t quite ready for prime time, but Watson is hitting home run after home run. At Georgia Tech this year,…

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