Where Neuroscience is Making the Impossible, Possible

Once, human flight was impossible. Instant communication anywhere, anytime was impossible. Leaving Earth was impossible. Seeing farther than the naked eye was impossible. Scientific revolutions have turned a long list of impossibilities into everyday possibilities. And science is far from finished transforming absurd fantasies into everyday realties. Nowhere is this more true than with neuroscience. Already, thanks to fMRI we can see living brains think, we can relieve Parkinson’s tremors with the flip of a switch through brain implants and we can beam thoughts instantly across the planet from one person to another via sensitive scalp probes and superconducting brain stimulators. Where is neuroscience poised to elevate the art of the possible and change our lives? Here are three of the most tantalizing possibilities. Some of these will seem far-fetched at best…

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