Why AI Is the Future of Customer Satisfaction

The complexities of customer support aren’t lost on any CIO. Start multiplying a portfolio of products by all the potential problems, factor everything across support channels—phone, email, web chat, social media, an app and snail mail—and you quickly arrive at the intersection of unmanageable and impossible. A study conducted by Zendesk and Loudhouse found that only about 7 percent of consumers are “extremely satisfied” with the quality of omnichannel support, and 87 percent say that companies need to work harder to create a seamless customer experience. In addition, 78 percent indicated that a company’s customer service reputation is a key factor in choosing products and services. All of this is motivating companies to push the boundaries on virtual agents. Last year, IPsoft launched Amelia 2.0, a virtual agent technology that the company claims is human-like and able…

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