Why Apple Isn’t Going to Become the Next Blackberry

Popular tech blogger and software developer Marco Arment over the weekend argued that Apple’s apparent failure to invest heavily in artificial intelligence wouldn’t potentially render the tech giant irrelevant in the future. AI is currently fueling much-hyped personal assistants from rivals and Arment fears Apple’s inaction may make the company the next BlackBerry (BBRY) , which notoriously got crushed by Apple’s iPhone. But Apple’s success elsewhere should be able to keep it in the game, and moreover, the company might not necessarily need to develop its own AI software and services to remain competitive, some analysts say. Arment’s criticism comes as Amazon (AMZN) enjoys unexpected success with its Echo digital personal assistant devices and days after Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL) said it would introduce its own Echo-like devices later this year. The Amazon devices are…

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