Why Are Most Artificial Intelligence Applications Female?

New Science through Technological Discovery 14 Jul 2016, 22:35 UTC (200 words excerpt, click title or image to see full post) Have you noticed that artificial intelligence applications you interact with, such as Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, are female? That’s not a coincidence. There are several reasons: Karl Fredric MacDorman, a computer scientist and expert in human-computer interaction at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, attributes the “female” AI to the gender of the AI technologists that develop the applications. Men dominate the field of artificial intelligence research and application.Kathleen Richardson, a social anthropologist, claims that female AI is less threatening than male AI, thus more appealing.Debbie Grattan, a veteran voice over artist for brands like Apple, Samsung, and Wal-Mart, claims, “Because females tend to be the more nurturing gender by…

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