Why artificial intelligence is considered a threat to humanity

In recent years, the world saw how #Artificial Intelligence (#AI) developed and evolved into a very useful tool in different fields of sciences. AI became the latest technological catchphrase that could bring existential risks and impacts on the society. The evolution of AI technology has long been depicted in many science-fiction Hollywood films such as “The Matrix” and “Terminator.” But as it makes great strides in the tech industry, some experts warned about the looming threats that come with AI’s ubiquity. It is no longer surprising to learn why the world’s tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Apple are investing more in artificial intelligence. Advertisements Advertisements AI has several uses that could be beneficial to humans but it also has the power to change everything. According to Microsoft lead scientist Dave Coplin, it will even change how humans relate to each other and to technology. Fears about AI Considered a new and uncharted territory, the development of artificial intelligence technology could augment what humans could do by providing the much-needed support to extend their capabilities. But despite its promising benefits, AI researcher and expert Arend Hintze revealed his greatest fears when it comes to the ever-evolving AI technology. In…

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