Why Canada is Becoming a Hub for AI Research

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) could become a game-changer for multiple industries. Powerful algorithms may soon be able to quickly sift through reams of data and information, delivering quantifiable insights for tasks such as enhancing guidance systems for self-driving cars, assisting physicians in diagnosing patients, or helping farmers implement plans that simplify the management and protection of their crops. Technology giants in the U.S. like IBM and Microsoft are exploring business opportunities where A.I. could have the most impact, but an ecosystem for this type of R&D is already thriving in Canada. Our neighbor to the north has produced several pioneers in A.I. Prominent computer scientists like Geoffrey Hinton, Ph.D., and Yoshua Bengio, Ph.D., started their careers in Toronto laying the groundwork for various A.I. oriented fields. Hinton, an engineering fellow at Google and professor emeritus of computer science at the University of Toronto, is considered a pioneer in training neural networks with multiple layers, a computing technique that provides A.I. with greater recognition capabilities. Searching for a picture on Google as well as dictating text on your smartphone via voice recognition are advancements made possible in part on technology derived from Hinton’s ideas. Bengio, a graduate of McGill University, is another…

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