Why chatbots need a big push from deep learning

Most tech giants are investing heavily both in applications and research, hoping to stay ahead of the curve of what many believe to be an inevitable AI led paradigm shift. At the forefront of this resurgence are the fields of conversational interactions (personal assistants or chatbots), computer vision and autonomous navigation, which thanks to advances in hardware, data availability and revolutionary machine learning techniques, have enjoyed tremendous progress within the span of just a few years. AI advances are turning problems previously thought to lie beyond the realm of what machines could tackle into commodities that are percolating our everyday life. Tailing the remarkable growth in popularity enjoyed by AI, a new generation of chatbots has recently flooded the market, and with them the promise of a world where many of our online interactions won’t happen on a website or in an app, but in a conversation. Helping turn this promise into reality is a combination of better user interfaces, the omnipresence of smart-phones, and new, state of the art, machine learning techniques. Perhaps one of the main drivers behind this wave of novel AI applications is deep learning, an area of machine learning that, despite existing for roughly 50…

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