Why Hire a Lawyer When a Robot Will Do?

Lawyers, beware. Robots really are coming for your jobs. Exhibit A: Venture-capital firm Invoke Capital just made a multi-million-dollar investment in Luminance, which is developing artificial intelligence to automate the legal drudgery involved in corporate mergers and acquisitions. The robot lawyer is just one of many — including offerings from Ross Intelligence and Kira Systems — aiming to replace the overworked factotums known as associate attorneys. Without the six-figure student debt, I presume. QuickTake Artificial Intelligence So how do these virtual attorneys work? Well, according to Bloomberg, Invoke founder Mike Lynch said that Luminance can “read natural language and actually understand it, using it to categorize documents, rather than just searching text to match key words or standard clauses.” This leads me to wonder whether Lynch has ever used Google,…

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