Why IBM Partnered with NVIDIA

A Closer Look at IBM’s Growth-Chasing Strategy PART 5 OF 14 By Anne Shields  | Nov 29, 2016 2:07 pm EST IBM’ strategic partnership with NVIDIA IBM (IBM) has invested billions of dollars in machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) through partnerships and acquisitions to develop its Watson platform, which is aimed at the AI space. On the heels of this strategy, IBM has partnered with NVIDIA (NVDA) to promote a computer’s capacity to “think and learn in more human-like ways.” NVIDIA GPUs (graphics processing unit) are seeing increased adoption by supercomputers and cloud companies for AI tasks. Under this partnership, IBM aims to roll out a software toolkit, IBM PowerAI for IBM servers, which contains NVIDIA’s Tesla accelerator cards. NVIDIA’s Tesla processors are used in deep learning technology. Recently,…

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