Why Marketers Are Betting on Bots

Credit: Illustration by Gabriela Zurda for Advertising Age Since she began working for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel in January, Rose has received dozens of marriage proposals. And so much for “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”: Some guests who found her help indispensable when it came to free drinks or planning outrageous evenings continued to text her long after they split town. There’s only one difference that separates Rose from the hotel’s 5,000 other staffers: She isn’t human. The Cosmopolitan launched Rose, a chatbot, with its core agency R/GA last winter to better interact with customers in a fun and playful way. Accessible via text, Rose functions as both a concierge and a housekeeping aide in guest services. But her missives are anything but robotic. One guest recently called her a “sultry siren”—-she often uses the kiss emoji. When once asked about free champagne, she replied, “Do I look like a sugar daddy?” The hotel purposefully branded Rose to engage in a cheeky way in keeping with its slogan, “Just the right amount of wrong.” “She has a distinct personality that entertains guests and is a reflection of the Cosmopolitan brand,” said Mamie Peers, VP-digital marketing of…

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