Why Success in Frontier Tech Is Tricky

Frontier tech is the collective term for significantly ground-breaking new tech in a variety of fields: artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, virtual reality, augmented reality, drones, robots and self-driving cars all qualify. Basically, it’s whatever tech is the awesomest new gadget that might change the world. The potential of investing in frontier tech is obvious: If VR becomes the new internet, whoever is the Facebook of VR will make billions. Which is why Facebook wants to be the Facebook of VR. But the potential pitfalls are also huge. Here’s a breakdown, from a longer post by venture capitalist Matt Turck, of the dangers behind investments in frontier technology. 1: Frontier Tech Needs to Be Literally Built All this tech is cool because it’s new. But that means it’s unproven. Major kinks need to be…

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