Will artistic robots be far away from us?

A GIGANTIC robot extends six arms from its “torso,” completing a series of tasks involving molding, welding, printing and packaging, before finally spewing out a finished product at the other end of the assembly line. In this imaginary future factory, multi-armed robots rule supreme, replacing their single-armed or double-armed predecessors that form part and parcel of the automated production lines today. Overhauled, compact lines lead to higher manufacturing efficiency. “This is comparable to a crab or an octopus with eight legs or tentacles, each programmed to perform multiple tasks at the same time,” said Gan Zhongxue. President of Ningbo Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry in Zhejiang Province, Gan is a leading authority on robotics. He believes that we are focused inordinately on robots’ levels of artificial intelligence (AI) rather than…

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