Will I Survive the Artificial Intelligence Summer of Love?

Abstract After a very long winter, it came the summer. A summer when everyone is in mad love with Artificial Intelligence. This has pros and cons but at the moment I see more cons than pros I have been around the block for a while and I have seen this happening already in a form or another but this time is big. This time is crazy big. I am talking about the machine learning madness that took over everything. How did it start? Long time ago in the field of computer science a brand new area of research was born: we were in the 60s and this new field of investigation aimed at understanding how the human mind worked was — without false modesty — called artificial intelligence. The general idea was that if you are able to create something that looks intelligent or indistinguishable from something intelligent, then, it must be intelligent. All of this, mainly, out of the lack of a formal definition of what intelligence means. You maybe heard of the so called «imitation game», recently made famous by a movie of the same name, and while that was a good start, did not go particularly well.…

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