Will Intel Take Nvidia’s Lead In Deep Learning?

In an interesting turn of events, several days ago Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) announced the acquisition of a small 2.5 year startup company called Nervana. With deep learning being in the headlines these days, and with INTC being left behind, it’s only natural for INTC to try to play catch-up with the leader of Deep Learning Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA). However, contrary to NVDA, INTC is taking a different route. According to Karl Freund (via EE times), senior analyst for Deep Learning and HPC at Moor Insights & Strategy: Graphics processing units (GPUs) are the prominent way to train deep-learning neural networks and Nvidia is the leader. Intel has its multi-core Xeons and Xeon Phi’s and with the acquisition of Altera, its FPGAs, but it doesn’t have GPUs. Acquiring Nervana is a way of…

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