Will the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence Harm Humans? Depends

We tend to speak about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in terms of the pinnacle of its potential evolution, and that’s a problem. This article I found showcases one current debate about the potential for AI doing evil. “Elon Musk fires back at Mark Zuckerberg in debate about the future: ‘His understanding of the subject is limited’.” On Sunday afternoon, while smoking some meats in his back garden, Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, questioned why Musk, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and OpenAI, was being so negative about AI. What they’re debating is the future potential for AIs that can, for all practical purposes, duplicate and then go far beyond the capabilities of the human mind. And, in addition, possess the ability to interact with humans beings for good or evil. We’re NOT There Yet Of course, AIs today are very limited. We discover those limitations when we realize that AI demos typically only address one or two specific tasks. Like playing chess. Or driving a car on the roadways—in traffic. Our interactions with Siri provide confirmation every day of that AI’s limits. So what’s the debate really about? I think those who worry, like Elon Mush, ponder two certain things. Computer hardware and…

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