Will “Westworld” soon become our reality?

facebook.com Since the dawn of time, the human race has lived by one rule innately programmed into their genetic code: to go forward. From the wheel to the rocket ship, humans never stay in one place when it comes to technological advancements, but the one question people have begun to ask is what would happen if the creation outpaces the creator? When something comes along and halts that human necessity to go forward–or perhaps, replaces it? Something man-made. Something that already exists. Something like artificial intelligence.It’s a horror realized in HBO’s new show “Westworld” where the theme of artificial intelligence and bio-engineered cyborgs nearly parallels that of our reality, in both a mixture of clever entertainment and spot-on acknowledgment of real-life technological advancements.Westworld is one hell of a show. Fantastic. Awesome.…

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