With Google Hello, you interact with your phone

In its new communication application Hello, Google relies on artificial intelligence. As its name suggests, Allo is a communication application like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts (Google), WeChat (in China) or even, to some extent, Snapchat or Twitter. The success of these apps is undeniable. It is like SMS but better, because we can send mini-messages and also images, annotated photos, emoji, and small animations (called stickers). With Allo, conversations can be encrypted end to end to preserve user privacy (however, this setting is not enabled by default, which also deplores Edward Snowden). Allo is available since yesterday on Android and iOS (iPhone), but only in the US for now. conversational robotThe peculiarity of Allo is primarily to integrate new Google software component, Assistant, which uses artificial intelligence. So Allo is…

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